Focused Browsing

Reclaim your focus with a web extension that hides distracting feeds!

Focused Browsing Promo

Screenshot showcasing hiding distractions without leaving the tab you're on

Screenshot showcasing controlling focus using keyboard shortcuts

Screenshot showcasing Dim and Dark mode support

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You can download the latest release of Focused Browsing from the Chrome or Firefox extension marketplaces!

Preview Releases

If you would like early access to preview releases of Focused Browsing, we also publish our extension on Github!

Compatibility Chart


✅ Passed ❗️Unsupported ❓Untested

Operating SystemBraveChromeFirefoxEdge
OSX 11.4 (20F71)1.26.74 ✅91.0.4472.114 ✅

Project Status

This project is currently being maintained by Arsala, Avi, and Raj.

Credits and Gratitude

News Feed Eradicator by Jordan West

Focused Browsing originally started as two separate student projects called Twitter Focus and LinkedIn Focus. Both of these were inspired by News Feed Eradicator for Facebook.

We are sincerely grateful to Jordan for using the MIT license for NFE. This allowed us to learn from his codebase, and allowed us to use his collection of quotes for our MVP.

The open source ecosystem

All software stands upon the foundations laid by the open source world.

We are where we are because of the time, energy, and passion of open source software developers around the world.

We are sincerely grateful for our access to tools that help us create better software.