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We're improving the open source ecosystem by creating useful, creative, and free software with the world's latest technology.

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Share or stream audio and video over the web in real time.

Material Math

Practice math problems in a fun, beautiful, material experience!

Twitter Focus

Hide the feed and What's Happening panel on Twitter so you can focus and control your experience!

LinkedIn Focus

Hide the news feed and news panel on LinkedIn so you can focus on your career!


Technical guidance and tooling to allow open source developers to distribute software to their Github Sponsors!

External Projects

The Futurist Foundation

An organization for futurists to propose, fund and work on the projects of the future!

Label Sync

LabelSync makes managing Github labels across multiple repositories easy.

CSSC Website

The CSSC is an open space for Computer Science students to come in and ask questions about their university and post-university career.

Student Projects

Downloads Cleaner

A python based script used to keep your download folder organized for Mac and Linux.