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We're improving the open source ecosystem by creating useful, creative, and free software with the world's latest technology.

Active Projects

We develop our projects in the open, and invite contributors from all over the world to help shape the future of our products. As a company, one of our strategies to provide sustainable education is to develop revenue-generating applications that curious learners can help contribute to.

Material Math
Practice math problems in a fun, beautiful, material experience!
Open Governance
Open Governance is a suite of modern technologies to reform and digitize local governance.!
Tools for OSS developers to distribute software to their Sponsors and generate sustainable revenue before open-sourcing their code.

Standby Projects

Share or stream audio and video over the web in real time.
Twitter Focus
Hide the news & advertising on Twitter so you can focus your experience!
LinkedIn Focus
Hide the news & advertising on LinkedIn so you can focus on your career!

External Projects

The Futurist Foundation
An organization for futurists to propose, fund and work on the projects of the future!
Label Sync
LabelSync makes managing Github labels across multiple repositories easy.
CSSC Website
The website for the University of Toronto Mississauga's Computer Science Student Society.
Downloads Cleaner
A python based script used to keep your download folder organized for Mac and Linux.
The Physics Hub
A web-app to view all the simulations in physics.
Control Tab Brightness
A web extension that allows you to control brightness of individual chrome tabs.
An elegant and simple startpage for minimalists!
A free tool that transcodes and converts videos right in your browser while protecting your privacy!

Project Concepts

Family Tree Explorer
A beautiful interface for your family tree that allows you to navigate your network of family relationships.
Community Cleanup
Software that allows citizens and their governments to effectively coordinate community garbage cleanup.

Grey Software is an organization on a mission to empower people to create open-source software for their communities and societies!

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