Success Stories


Osama joined Grey Software as an explorer, and recently secured an internship at Flinks as a software engineer.

Flinks Image

Here's what Osama had to say about his experience!

"Last May, I started working with Arsala as an Explorer in Grey Software where we got to co-develop SLAV: an algorithm visualizer hosted on the web. After we got the project to a decent working stage at which point I joined the organization as a part-time core software engineer helping with both front-end and back-end development.

Within these 4 months, I received valuable mentorship from Arsala from a technical POV and on a personal level. We had many enriching technical discussions where I developed my maturity in SWE and became more independent.

When my interview project required me to develop an angular web application with a front end UI and C# back-end, I was able to tackle the task because of the full-stack experience I got as an engineer at Grey Software."

Grey Software is an organization on a mission to empower people to create open-source software for their communities and societies!

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