We envision a world where people love and trust the software in their life because they feel empowered to change it.


We empower people to develop and use open-source software for more liberated and peaceful lives.


Creative Empowerment

We are committed to empowering today's learners to create open-source software that will shape the future of their communities and societies. We do this by equipping our students and contributors with the latest software development tools and processes.

Products and Education

We are committed to delivering a high-quality software education curriculum alongside the products we develop. We strive to be an organization that creates unique, world-class software products while prioritizing communities in their development process.

Academic and Industrial Collaboration

We are committed to catalyzing collaboration between academia and industry to bridge the gap between what students learn and what professionals use. We do this by running for-credit programs for students with partnered universities.

Higher Purpose

We are committed to developing software that enriches peoples' life experiences. When we create, we orient ourselves towards the higher values of courage, love, joy, hope, and peace in life.


Open Products

We develop open-source products and invite contributors from all over the world to help shape the future of our creations. As a company, one of our strategies to provide sustainable education is to develop revenue-generating applications that curious learners can help contribute to.

Open Education

We develop open learning resources and partner with universities for educational internship programs. Through this, we facilitate an agile, open-source software development environment where students gain practical software development experience.

Grey Software is an organization on a mission to empower people to create open-source software for their communities and societies!

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