Our Mission

To empower people to create open-source software for their communities and societies!

Our Objectives

To create open source software products that serve humanity.

To design our products and development practices around maximizing our educational impact.

Where are we now?

Our 2021 OKRs

Create 3 Software products with an open source education stream

Research Software Development Education Strategies

Business Development


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Grey Software has been a part of the Pioneer global startup tournament since May 2020. Our project description is:

Imagine if tech organizations prioritized involving communities in their development process as much as they prioritized creating unique, world-class software products. Grey Software is a not-for-profit that aims to be such an organization.

We envision involving members of the community in our open-source product-development since they desire real-world software experience so they can get hired in tech or bring their own ideas to life.

Our educational model starts with developing our software openly on Github and creating a welcoming community of mentors on Discord to provide students interested in contributing with structure and guidance.

We also offer an apprentice program for students to obtain practical experience by interning at an open-source project(s). This also helps maintainers get development help and generate income by charging students that require software development tutoring. We have partnered with several open-source projects for this program.

To further scale our education, we envision creating massive open online courses (MOOCs) for our products to allow students to gradually develop the understanding and skills to contribute to our software's deployed versions. In the fast-changing world of technology, we will keep our curriculums relevant by updating them in tandem with our software.

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Grey Software is an organization on a mission to empower people to create open-source software for their communities and societies!

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