Free Software
By Students

We're creating the open source ecosystem of the future where mentors and students build free software together!

What do we do?


We create free apps and tools to improve the open source software ecosystem.


We help students learn software engineering through collaborating with a mentor.

Who are we?

A dedicated group of:

using our intellect and spirit to build a beautiful, open source future!

What have we built?


Share or stream audio and video over the web in real time.

Material Math

Practice math problems in a fun, beautiful, material experience!

Twitter Focus

Hide the feed and What's Happening panel on Twitter so you can focus and control your experience!

LinkedIn Focus

Hide the news feed and news panel on LinkedIn so you can focus on your career!


Technical guidance and tooling to allow open source developers to distribute software to their Github Sponsors!

What we offer


Bring your creative app ideas to life with less chaos and more clarity with the Grey Software Explorer service!


Contribute to established open source software with guidance and structure from a Grey Software mentor!

Web Portfolio

Learn the technologies that power the web with an instructor as you build a portfoilio of web components!

What do our
students have
to say?

“I have been programming on the side for the past year now, mainly using online resources to pair program... yet one session with my mentor was more enriching than hours spent on these side tutorials.”

Osama - Grey Software Explorer

“I got to experience what it was like being onboarded into a codebase and collaborating with a skilled developer and designer. I got the software development education I was looking for."

Milind - Grey Software Apprentice

“I built a collection of real web components that I would see when browsing the web. I was empowered to be a web developer and start creating my own websites.”

Nina - Web Portfolio Program

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