Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grey Software’s vision?

Grey Software envisions an open source future where mentors and students build free software together.

Why is Grey Software a not-for-profit organization?

Grey Software was founded around a mission to build the software ecosystem of the future.

To ensure that the organization’s future revenues went towards our mission instead of the pockets of shareholders, we founded the organization as a not-for-profit.

How are Grey Software’s products connected to its students?

Our students learn software development by collaborating with the creators of the products they're working on.

How do I join Grey Software?

Join our community

We host an active community on Discord, where our mentors and students collectively build software. You can join us by visiting!

Join our apprentice program

You can also join as an apprentice on a project, where you get to collaborate with a mentor as a software engineer, designer, or product.

Learn more at

Is Grey Software only for Software Engineers?

Not at all!

Software engineers write the code behind Grey Software’s apps, but designers, product owners, and researchers are integral to our software development process.

How can I volunteer for Grey Software?

Join and select the volunteer role!

You'll receive a form that will guide you through the next steps, and after contributing to the org, you'll be able to generate a PDF/HTML report of your contributions at

How is Grey Software different from other educational sites, such as Udemy, Udacity, and Coursera?

These websites host educational content that many rely on, including Grey Software's mentors and students.

Our mentors teach by collaborating with individuals or small groups on real-world projects using the same open-source technologies that are used in the industry.

How does Grey Software deliver its educational content?

Grey Software hosts students who collaborate with mentors to build our open -source products in a real-world software development environment with mentors.

Since we create our apps and teach students how to develop them simultaneously, it’s hard to define a structured curriculum and predict learning outcomes.

We therefore propose that each project have creation teams and education teams.

The creation team evolves our products using the latest, most productive technologies and trends in software development.

The education team turns our products into projects that students can learn from. This team abstracts away certain software complexities, allowing students to gradually make their way to working with production code.

How does Grey Software make money?


We currently offer an Apprentice program where we teach students how to contribute to our open source software.


We’ve published our analytics openly at, and we’re looking to partner with advertisers to run ethical ads on our public apps.

We’re setting up software sales using Cryptolens, which would allow users to purchase premium licenses to Grey Software’s apps and use it ad-free.

We’re looking into startup funding for our projects like Material Math and Toonin, which have the potential to be useful deployed software.

We collect donations from individuals who believe in our mission through Paypal and Github Sponsors.

Does open source software kill competition?

Open sourcing your software doesn’t prevent competitors from creating software similar in functionality but different in implementation.

Grey Software is an organization on a mission to empower people to create open-source software for their communities and societies!

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